News Catch-up 01 June 2022

Author: Alex White  Date Posted:1 June 2022 

News Catch-up 01 June 2022

Welcome back everybody. As promised, today we are going to shed the spotlight on a very special release due to come out in late July. We're talking about, of course, the Super Deluxe Edition of George Michael's Older.

This limited edition box set will contain 3 180gm vinyl LPs, as well as 5 high quality CDs. 

The LPs will contain the brand new version of the titular album (remastered from the original tapes); as well as a remastered (not to mention first-time-on-vinyl) version of Upper (*).

*For those of you not caught up with your George Michael history (first off: shame on you!) - upon its original 1996 release, Older sold so well, that it was re-released in less than two years. This newer version was released as 2 CDs and was known as Older & Upper, now containing new versions of the previously released songs, as well as radio edits and single versions.

As for the 5 CDs in the new box set...

Disc 1 will be dedicated to the remastered Older, with Disc 2 containing the remastered Upper. Discs 3, 4 and 5 however, will be known as Mixes One, Mixes Two and Mixes Three. These three discs will contain the truly exciting stuff for George Michael fans. As the selection is so rich, we have decided to insert the tracklistings down below. Check them out:

Mixes One:

1.   Fastlove (A/C Summer Mix)
2.   Star People ‘97 (Radio Edit)
3.   Freedom '94 (Live Version)
4.   One More Try (Live Gospel Version) 
5.   Star People (Unplugged)
6.   Spinning The Wheel (Radio Edit) 
7.   Fastlove (Promo Edit) 
8.   Jesus To A Child (Special Radio Edit) 
9.   Spinning The Wheel (Forthright Dub Mix) 
10. Star People (Forthright Club Mix)

Mixes Two:

1.   Fastlove (Forthright Extended 12" Mix)
2.   Star People (Forthright Dub Mix)
3.   I'm Your Man (The Jon Douglas Remix)
4.   Fastlove Part II (Fully Extended Mix)
5.   Spinning The Wheel (Forthright Extended 12" Club Mix) 
6.   Star People (Galaxy Dub Mix) 
7.   Fastlove (Forthright Remix 7” Version)
8.   I Can't Make You Love Me (Studio Version)

Mixes Three

1.   Desafinado - George Michael with Astrud Gilberto
2.   The Strangest Thing (Live)
3.   Star People (Forthright Radio Edit) 
4.   The Strangest Thing ‘97 (Loop Ratz Mix) 
5.   Fastlove (Forthright Dub Remix) 
6.   Jesus to a Child (Radio Edit)
7.   Spinning The Wheel (The Jon Douglas Remix) 
8.   Star People (Galaxy Mix) 
9.   Older (Instrumental Version)

Many of the tracks appearing on these discs are previously unreleased, and needless to say, every single one of the tracks have never sounded so good. It is a safe bet that your ears will be gently caressed for hours on end with the content of the discs in this set. But please do not worry: your eyes will not be jealous, because contained within this box set will also be a 48-page book entitled, The Story Of Older - containing interviews and articles from individuals involved with the making of the original album, as well as never-before-released photographs.

George Michael's Older Super Deluxe Edition is sure to be one of (if not the) most impressive releases of 2022. And even more impressive: it's available to pre-order from our online store HERE.

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