News Catch-up 01 October 2021

Author: Alex White  Date Posted:1 October 2021 

News Catch-up 01 October 2021

30th birthdays are such a milestone aren't they? In a lot of ways, they indicate the closing of the adventurous and uncertain youth, whilst reigning in the dawn of adulthood. 30 isn't quite old, yet it's not that young. A transitional year, yet an achievement in itself. We can't quite put it into words... nevermind! The point is: Nirvana's Nevermind is turning 30 and there are 3 darn good ways to celebrate.

First up is the Super Deluxe boxset, collecting the original album (remastered from the original analog tapes) as well as 7 extra LPs containing 4 live concerts from the original Nevermind tour, recorded in Amsterdam, Tokyo, California and Melbourne. The set also contains a 7'' disc containing Endless, Nameless and the B-sides, Even In His Youth and Aneurysm; as well as a 40-page hardcover book detailing everything about the production of Nevermind.

Nirvana Nevermind 30th anniversary Super Deluxe 8 LP / 7'' set is available to pre-order HERE

For the digital Nirvana fans, there will also be the 5 CD & Blu-Ray Super Deluxe set, which will also contain the remastered original album along with the live shows. The Blu-Ray however will contain a new High Definition remastered video of the live Amsterdam show. The 40-page hardcover book is also included in this version.

Nirvana Nevermind 30th anniversary Super Deluxe 5 CD / Blu Ray set is available to pre-order HERE

For those wanting something a little smaller (yet defintely no less impressive), there will also be the standard LP of the remastered album. This version does also contain the Endless, Nameless  7'' disc as a bonus.

Nirvana Nevermind 30th anniversary LP is available to pre-order HERE.

30 sure is a great year to celebrate. But 50 is an even bigger milestone still, and who else but The Doors are here to celebrate theirs. The 50th anniversary of L.A. Woman to be precise.

The 50th anniversary deluxe set is spread over 3 CDs and 1 LP. Original engineer and mixer, Bruce Botnick has returned to remaster the original album, which will appear on LP and CD. The 2 remaining CDs contain 2 hours worth of studio sessions and demos, giving listeners the chance to hear the progression behind The Doors' final album with Jim Morrison.

The Doors L.A. Woman 50th anniversary deluxe LP / 3 CD set is available to pre-order HERE

Whilst not an anniversary, there is still reason to celebrate when it comes time for the Billy Joel The Vinyl Collection Vol. 1.

This massive box set contain the first 6 studio albums recorded by Joel, as well as 2 live shows including the previously unreleased Live at the Great American Music Hall. The albums included in this set are as follows:

  • Cold Spring Harbor (1971)
  • Piano Man (1973)
  • Streelife Serenade (1974)
  • Turnstiles (1976)
  • The Stranger (1977)
  • 52nd Street (1978)
  • Songs In The Attic (1981)
  • Live at the Great American Music Hall (1975)

Included in the box set is also a 50-page book containing rare photos and an essay detailing this particular era of Billy Joel's career.

Billy Joel The Vinyl Collection Vol. 1 is available to pre-order HERE



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