News Catch-up 05 February 2021

Author: Alex White  Date Posted:4 February 2021 

News Catch-up 05 February 2021

Whew! February already! Where does the time go? Well, for us, it usually goes into making sure all of your orders are sorted, processed and sent safely to you. And no small amount of time is reserved for following up news on all of the awesome upcoming releases. There are some great ones just announced that make this first half of 2021 seem even better than last! (INSERT JOKE AT 2020's EXPENSE HERE)

And speaking of 2020, a lot of releases that were announced last year were, of course delayed to well past their initial release date (I'm looking at you Van Weezer!), and the first ever greatest hits compilation from The White Stripes was no exception. Announced and released in other parts of the world before Christmas last year, The White Stripes Greatest Hits: My Sister Thanks You And I Thank You is finally hitting our shelves in mid-February. Released on double LP, well-known singles and tracks ranging from the late 90's to early 2000's are on board, including Let's Shake Hands, Icky Thump, I Think I Smell A Rat, Hotel Yorba, and of course, the now iconic Seven Nation Army

The White Stripes Greatest Hits: My Sister Thanks You And I Thank You is available to pre-order here.

Whilst a lot of things were being delayed throughout 2020, many artists were taking advantage of the isolation to work on and record new material. One notable example, was none other than one-fourth of the biggest rock band of all time, Paul McCartney. Resusing to take isolation lying down, McCartney single-handedly recorded a whole new album and even went as far as to refer to the time as "rockdown". McCartney III is still readily available on black vinyl here, indie exclusive hand-numbered white vinyl here, pink vinyl here, and limited blue vinyl here.   

Another artist who took advantage of 2020's "rockdown" was none other than Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. Back in March 2020, Armstrong released a cover of the song I Think We're Alone Now on the official Green Day YouTube channel. In the description of the video, Armstrong wrote this message: "Dear friends.. While we've all been in quarantine I've been reflecting on the things that matter the most in my life. Family, friends and of course music. I recorded a cover of Tommy James and the Shondells "I think we're alone now” in my bedroom. I figure if we have to spend this time in isolation at least we can be alone together. Love BJ." For the next few weeks, Armstrong would release more covers to the channel, making it a part of a "No Fun Mondays" series. Now, all 14 tracks are now readily on limited edition baby blue coloued vinyl. Billie Joe Armstrong's No Fun Mondays is available to purchase here.

Recently announced and arriving in just over a month is the half-speed remaster of Dire Straits' Brothers In Arms. Surely no introduction is really needed here. You already know that it has won numerous Grammy awards; you know it was certified platinum 10 times in the UK; and you know it contains the amazing songs Money For Nothing, Brothers In Arms and So Far Away. You also may or may not know that this edition has been half-speed mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios and comes complete with an OBI-strip and certificate of authenticity. Oh, and you may not know (but at least have guessed by now) that it is available for pre-order through our store here

Dire Straits Brothers In Arms half-speed remaster is available towards the end of March. 

Another big release coming in March is the 2nd CD box set collecting the illustrious career of rock legend Neil Young. Neil Young Archives Vol. II 1972 - 1976 is a 10 CD box set collecting studio albums, live albums and a whole selection of demos and alternate versions. As well as collecting recordings from Young's solo career, this set also includes recordings with bands Crazy Horse, The Stray Gators, The Santa Monica Flyers, The Still / Young Band, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. With 131 tracks (62 of which are previously unreleased), this version includes a 24-page booklet, a fold-out Archives Poster and is housed in a cube-shaped slip-case box.

Available at the start of March, Neil Young Archives Vol. II 1972 - 1976 is available to pre-order here


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