News Catch-up 18 March 2021

Author: Alex White  Date Posted:18 March 2021 

News Catch-up 18 March 2021

Hello all! We've already hit that halfway mark of the month and thus almost knocked out a 4th of the year. And boy, oh boy, are there some truly awesome music releases coming out. Let's delve into just a handful of some releases. In no particular order, let's start with the latest release from Nick Cave and Warren Ellis...

Carnage is the new album from the longtime collaborators, a result of downtime during the 2020 Covid pandemic and recorded over a few weeks during lockdown. It has been described as a record for these uncertain times - one shot through with moments of distilled beauty and one that resonates with an almost defiant sense of hope. In Cave's own words, he desribes Carnage as "a brutal but very beautiful record nested in a communal catastrophe."

Although both are members of The Bad Seeds, have produced film soundtracks together and have even recorded as a duo under the name Grinderman, this is the first time that Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have released an entire album of songs as a duo. Carnage by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis is released at the end of May and is available to pre-order here

1967 was a pretty amazing year in music history. Counterculture and the Love Generation were in full-swing, and rock and pop were transcending into a kaleidascopic explosion of psychedelic and music ingenuity. Not to be outdone by the other four long-haired Brit musicians, The Who were just about to drop their 3rd and (as of then) most daring album: The Who Sell Out.  Critically acclaimed upon its release and frequently listed within 'Greatest Albums Of All Time' charts, The Who Sell Out is a truly remarkable acheivment of rock music and pop art as a whole. And soon it will be readily available as a 5 CD & double 7'' vinyl Deluxe Edition. 

The set contains 5 CDs.

  • Disc 1 contains original Mono mixes of the album.
  • Disc 2 contains original Stereo mixes of the album plus bonus tracks.
  • Disc 3 contains previously unreleased studio out-takes and 'fly-on'the-wall' studio chatter.
  • Disc 4  is labelled The Road To Tommy and contains Stereo and Mono mixes of studio tracks recorded in 1968. Some of these have never been released before.
  • Disc 5 contains 14 of Pete Townshend's original demos - all of which have never been released before.

There are also 2 x 7'' vinyl discs; an 80-page book with liner notes and track annotation by Pete Townshend, rare photos, and interviews; plus 9 replica posters & inserts. The Who Sell Out Super Deluxe Edition is sure to be a holy grail and prized possesion for any Who fan. Expected to arrive in our store in early May, it is available to pre-order here

For those wanting something a little less extravagant, there will also be the 2021 stereo reissue of The Who Sell Out on double LP. With Disc 1 containing the original album, Disc 2 will contain bonus tracks such as alternate versions and single version remixes. The LP is expected to arrive the same time as the Deluxe Edition in early May and is available to pre-order here

Better get on to it before, well y'know, they all sell out... heh.

Classic Rock fans have even more to be excited about with the recent release of Bob Dylan 1970 3 CD box set. The set contains 74 previously unreleased studio recordings, most of which are taken from the recording sessions for the New Morning and the Self Portait albums. Among them all, are also 9 songs from the 1970 studio session between Dylan and ex-Beatle guitarist George Harrison. The session between the two has been well documented but never officially released in the last 50 years. Amongst some covers, the two also recorded renditions of some Dylan originals. 

Bob Dylan 1970 3 CD box set is out now and available to order here

Harrison isn't the only ex-Beatle to find his way into an awesome release this year, as this April will see the release of John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band Ultimate Mixes Super Deluxe box set. Originally released in 1970, Plastic Ono Band was John Lennon's debut solo album. Featuring contributions from Ringo Starr, George Harrison (that guy again!), Klaus Voormann, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Phil Spector and of course, Yoko Ono - Plastic Ono Band went on to be Lennon's most raw and introspective album, focusing heavily on the personal grief he felt from losing his mother at an early age, the abandonment he felt from his father, and of course the anger he felt from the breakup of The Beatles. 

This new version contains the 'Ultimate Mixes' - the album tracks all heavily remixed from the original multitracks, overseen and produced by Yoko Ono herself. It also includes demos, out-takes, live performances and surround sound mixes all spread across 6 CDs and 2 Blu-Ray discs.

  • Disc 1 contains the new Ultimates Mixes of the album as well as the singles released around the same time, Give Peace a Chance, Instant Karma!, and Cold Turkey.
  • Disc 2 contains out-takes and alternate versions of the album and the singles.
  • Disc 3 contains Element Mixes (versions that focus on aspects that are usually unheard of in the regular mixes) of the album and the singles.
  • Disc 4 contains Raw Studio Mixes and Out-takes of the album
  • Disc 5 contains Evolution Mixes (segued versions of each song that shows the journey of demo to final mix)
  • Disc 6 contains studio jams, live performancs and original demos of songs from the album.

As well as these CDs, there are the 2 Blu-Ray discs that will contain all of the above in 3 different formats: Stereo 24/192, Dolby Atmos and 5.1 Surround Sound. To compliment the audio, there is also a 130-page hardcover book with photos, Lennon's original liner notes and descriptions of all the audio content. And of course, there is also a War Is Over! poster included within the set.

Arriving at the end of April, John Lennon Plastic Ono Band Ultimate Mixes Super Deluxe box set is available to pre-order here.

I've already put my order in and I can't wait! 

This was just a taste of the cool stuff coming out in the next few months, and we already have news on so much more, but will have to wait until our next intallment. Until then, look after yourselves and keep spinning those records / CDs / surround sound Blu-Ray discs, and we will see you next time! 


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