News Catch-up 18 February 2021

Author: Alex White  Date Posted:18 February 2021 

News Catch-up 18 February 2021

Well, we are back. As of the writing of this entry, we are back in lockdown, which means that progress on our storefront re-opening is back on hold, but online orders are coming in thick. We're processing, packing, and (yes, you guessed it) keeping an ear out for all the upcoming amazing releases. As deliveries from our suppliers are still in effect, we have also received some pretty spectacular new releases.

One title sitting on our shelves right now is the 14th studio album by Weezer. Officially announced back in mid-January and released just over a week later, OK Human is a notable edition to the already varied discography of the group that once covered Toto's Africa and chucked Weird Al Yankovic into the music video because... reasons. Eschewing the electropop of 2019's Weezer (Black Album) and the heavy guitar sound of (the recorded yet still unreleased) Van Weezer, OK Human has adopted a neo-baroque pop sound, being recorded purely on analogue and even utilizing a 38-piece orchestra. With songs featuring the very relevant themes of isolation and the disengagment of human contact, OK Human is definitely Weezer's attempt at summing up the very strange events that we have all gone through over the last twelve months. 

Weezer's OK Human is available in a limited-to-2000-copies 'green alien slime' coloured vinyl and a limited-to-2000-copies 'flesh' coloured vinyl. Both are available to purchase here.

Oh, and Weezer still assure us that Van Weezer will release in May...

Another recent title that has just arrived on our shelves is the 6th studio album by musician Steven Wilson. The Future Bites is Wilson's synth-pop analysis on 21st century life and technology in general, featuring rock legend, Elton John, who delivers a spoken-word segment on the album's single, Personal Shopper.  

The Future Bites is available as a special red vinyl edition here

This March sees the very special Legacy Edition releases of the albums of Indigenous Australian born artist, Gurrumul Yunupingu. Born blind, the late artist sang songs of identity, spirit and the human connection to the land; and in the process, went on to be labelled "Australia's most important voice" by Rolling Stone Australia. The Legacy Edition series will see the release of Gurrumul, the artist's 2008 debut album; 2011's Rrakala; 2015's The Gospel Album, a collection of gospel songs, reimagined using the Indigenous Yolngu language; and Djarimirri: Child Of The Rainbow, Gurrumul's posthumous final album.

This will be the first time that albums Rrakala and The Gospel Album have been released on vinyl. All four albums are being released on coloured double LPs. Gurrumul is on milky clear vinyl, Rrakala on gold vinyl, The Gospel Album on white vinyl, and Djarimirri: Child Of The Rainbow on red (for disc 1) and orange (for disc 2). All four albums are available to pre-order here

For those fans excited about all four releases, we have an exclusive bundle of all of them at a special price. Available for pre-order here

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