News Catch-up 21 January 2021

Author: Alex White  Date Posted:21 January 2021 

News Catch-up 21 January 2021

Hello everyone. We're back for our 2nd week of January, still processing orders, putting our store back together, and of course, keeping our ear to the ground for upcoming music releases. Even since we last spoke, the horizon seems to have lit up with some gorgeous looking releases, re-releases, and special editions. Believe it or not, we weren't planning on making a specific theme for this entry, but coincidence intervened and thus we find ourselves in a primarily Superhero themed entry for our News Catch-up... 

Last week we talked a bit about the upcoming anniversary edition of the Danny Elfman composed Edward Scissorhands soundtrack release. We even gave a brief mention to the rumoured Prince Batman soundtrack. Now, as fate would have it, we are happy to announce the upcoming re-release of another Danny Elfman composed soundtrack: Batman the original motion picture soundtrack. Now unlike the Prince version which contained a slew of Batman character inspired pop songs complete with samples of film dialogue, the Elfman Batman is the actual instrumental score as heard in the film itself. Like the Edward Scissorhands music, Elfman's score for Tim Burton's 1989 Batman was iconic, going on to be re-used not only in the movie's sequel, but also being reused and reworked for Batman cartoons throughout the 90's and even Batman video games throughout the 2000's. With the unrelenting march of The Batman Theme and the gothic haunting of Charge of the Batmobile, Elfman not only embodied the stylized film version of the comic book character but also set a precedent for superhero soundtracks for the next 30+ years. Batman original motion picture soundtrack is a terrific additon for soundtrack collecters. It is rare that is gets much better than Danny Elfman's composing, and it  is even rarer that it gets better than his score for Batman.

Oh, and it's being released on limited turqoise vinyl.

Batman original motion picture score is available February. Pre-order here. 

Also coming in February is the premiere vinyl release of the deluxe soundtrack to 2018's Aquaman. This is a 3 LP set featuring exclusive Mondo cover art by Pascal Blanche. Not only does this set include the score by composer Rupert Gregson-Williams, but also the tracks Everything I Need (performed by Skylar Grey) and Ocean to Ocean (performed by Pitbull and Rhea). The third disc is also comprised of bonus tracks not seen on previous CD releases of the soundtracks, as well as remixes by Our Empire, Future Funk Squad and Glen Nicholls.

Aquaman soundtrack deluxe edition is available to pre-order here.

It just feels right to make this a trifecta of Superhero soundtracks, so without further ado, let me turn your attention to the Hans Zimmer composed soundtrack to 2013's Man Of Steel. Eschewing the majestic fanfare of the John Williams score that is usually associated with the character of Superman, Zimmer's score opted for an instrumentation that evoked militaristc dread and fragile hope - all of it well in line with the Superman world seen in Zack Snyder's adaptation. Upon original release, the Man Of Steel soundtrack hit #9 on the Billboard 200 chart and rose to #4 on iTunes within the first week. Although not the first vinyl release of the soundtrack, this current version from Music On Vinyl is a special edition limited to 2000 individually numbered copies. It is pressed on translucent red vinyl and includes a 4 page booklet as well as an exclusive Superman fridge magnet.

Although released just before Christmas, Man Of Steel is still on its way from suppliers and will be with us soon (INSERT 'Faster Than A Speeding Bullet' jokes here). Put your orders in here.

As we all know, not all heroes wear capes. She may not be super, have psychic control of the ocean, or dress like a bat (although that has never been confirmed), but I will argue with anyone that says Janis Joplin is NOT a hero! No record showcased her talents more than the seminal, landmark album Pearl. Originally released in 1971 (three months after Joplin's unfortunate passing), Pearl reached #1 on the Billboard 200 and remained there for nine weeks. It has gone quadruple platinum and has been ranked 135th Greatest Album of All Time by Rolling Stone. Now, to celebrate the album's 50th anniversary, we are getting a very special edition from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab.

Everyone, this is Pearl MFSL Ultradisc One-Step 45rpm 2 LP box set. Limited to 7500 copies, mastered from the original master tapes using MFSL's One-Step Process and pressed on MoFi SuperVinyl - this is the ultimate edition of Pearl for audiophiles and Janis Joplin lovers alike. Having ticked both boxes, I've already put my pre-order in for this fabulous set, and you should too.

Pearl MFSL One-Step is expected to arrive in April. Pre-order your copy here.

Heading back to comic book adaptation soundtracks, Scott Pilgrim also may not be a traditional hero but he did take on the world. I mean, it's in the title! Scott Pilgrim VS The World is ten years old this year, and to mark the occasion, ABKCO along with director Edgar Wright and music producer Nigel Godrich have curated a very special version of the soundtrack. Scott Pilgrim VS The World: Seven Evil Exes limited edition 4 LP box set releases in April and contains 4 vinyl picture discs that contian the original score, as well as tracks by Sex Bob-Omb, Frank Black, T-Rex, The Rolling Stones, Metric, Beck, Crash and the Boys and more! As well as material that has been previously available, this set will also contain bonus tracks such including alternate versions and original demos. Along with the discs, the set also includes notes by the director and music producer, a double-sided film poster and an exclusive colouring page by original creator Bryan Lee O'Malley. 

Scott Pilgrim VS The World: Seven Evil Exes limited edition 4 LP box set is available to pre-order here.

There will also 2 LP version of the album pressed on blue vinyl that will be released at the same time. Scott Pilgrim VS The World 2021 reissue 2 LP is available to pre-order here.

Well that brings us all to a close for the day. We will definitely see you again soon and let you know all about the great music releases coming your way. Be good until then. 

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