News Catch-up 21 July 2022

Author: Alex White  Date Posted:21 July 2022 

News Catch-up 21 July 2022

Welcome back all! This August will see the return of Blondie in a very special way (although us fans know that the group has never really gone away!). Rather than leave you hanging on the telephone, let's get stuck into it!

The Powers-That-Be have done an impressive job in bringing us these brand new Blondie collections. Diving into a barn outside Woodstock, New York, they have pored over the reel-to-reel magnetic tapes and cassettes that lay in storage there and have produced spiffy 24-bit, 192KHz transfers of some of the best pop songs to ever exist. Not only have all 6 studio albums have recieved this loving treatment, but a myriad of session outtakes, B-sides and demos have also been cleaned up and presented for our listening pleasure.

The main course of this Blondie buffet is the Against The Odds: 1974 - 1982 Super Deluxe Collector's Edition. This lavish 10 LP box set contains the 6 studio albums plus 4 extra discs titled Plaza Sounds, Parallel Beats, Coca Cola and Home Tapes. Along with the LPs, there will also be a 10" vinyl of outtakes titled Out In The Streets, and a 7" single containing Blondie's cover of The Doors' Moonlight Drive and a demo of Mr Sightseer. Packaged along with the discs will also be 2 books: a 144-page hardcover book containing session commentary from Debbie Harry, Chris Stein, Clem Burke, Jimmy Destri, Frank Infante, Nigel Harrison, and Gary Valentine, as well as essays from producers Richard Gottehrer and Mike Chapman; and a 120-page book containing information of the entire Blondie discography with photographs of labels, international/alternate covers, cassettes and 8-tracks. All of these goodies are contained within a beautifully crafted fold-out box with brand new artwork.

Blondie Against The Odds: 1974 - 1982 Super Deluxe Collector's Edition 10 LP is available for pre-order HERE

For those just wanting to focus on the rarities, there will also be a 4 LP set containing just the bonus discs Plaza Sounds, Parallel Beats, Coca Cola and Home Tapes. This edition also comes with a 128-page hardcover book. 

Blondie Against The Odds: 1974 - 1982 Limited Deluxe 4 LP is available for pre-order HERE

A CD version of the rarities set will also be available. The 52 tracks will be spread across 3 discs and this will also contain a 164-page hardcover mini-book.

Blondie Against The Odds: 1974 - 1982 3 CD & Book is available to pre-order HERE

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