News Catch-up 22 December 2021

Author: Alex White  Date Posted:21 December 2021 

News Catch-up 22 December 2021

Greetings everyone. Well, we are finally here at the end of the year and just about to embark on another holiday season. It has been a busy past few weeks - to say nothing about the year itself! I feel it's appropriate to give us all a pat on the back for making it here. A strange year indeed, but an exciting one for music releases nonetheless. And just because the year is winding down, it does not mean that the news for upcoming releases is dying out. Far from it, in fact! Now let's take a look at a few choice exciting releases that will be dropping within the early part of the New Year.

Following on from this year's David Bowie Brilliant Adventure 18 LP box set release (still available HERE), next January will see the release of another David Bowie set, this time focusing exclusively on his 'lost' 2001 album Toy. Originally conceived as a collection of his earliest songs (dating from the mid to late 60's) re-arranged and re-recorded for a contemporary sound, the album was eventually scrapped, with only a few of the tracks making an appearance as B-sides for the singles from Heathen, or even slipping sneakily onto bootlegs. Toy now has an official release as a 3 CD box set comprised of an officially mastered version of the album, alternate mixes and recordings - most of which have never been heard before. 

David Bowie's Toy Box 3 CD set is available to pre-order HERE.  

Toy Box will also be available as a 6 x 10'' set. Releasing at the same time as the CD version, it is available to pre-order HERE.

February will see the re-release of the highly esteemed P.U.L.S.E concert from legendary group Pink Floyd. Originally recorded in 1994, this Blu-Ray box set includes brand new re-edited concert footage as well as audio remixed from the original master tapes in PCM stereo and 5.1 DTS Master Audio. Along with the original concert, the set will also include music videos, documentaries and filmed rehearsals. 

Pink Floyd P.U.L.S.E Restored & Re-Edited Blu-Ray box set is available to pre-order HERE

With 2 massive Classic Rock releases heralding the first 2 months of the year, how could March possibly keep up? Well, by seeing the release of a brand new Santana album. That's how!

Blessings And Miracles has been in production for almost 2 years now, with Santana not only lending his unique guitar work but also stepping in as producer. The album sees Santana teaming up with an outrageous ensemble of fellow musicicans, including Metallica's Kirk Hammett, Living Colour's Corey Glover, Steve Winwood, Rob Thomas, Chris Stapleton and more. 

Santana Blessings And Miracles is available to pre-order HERE

2022 is still over a week away, but already judging by the first 3 months alone, it looks to be a particularly exciting year for music releases, and we are sure that there are even more announcements just around the corner... 


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By: on 21 December 2021
Nice to hear that Carlos Santana is still making music in his mid-70s. Inspirational! The Pulse re-issue is neat, especially fixing up the flashing light. There's a whole epic saga of people working out how to replace the batteries on the original version (or some of the original versions!). It's a cool artefact, for sure. Thanks Alex!

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