News Catch-up 23 June 2022

Author: Alex White  Date Posted:23 June 2022 

News Catch-up 23 June 2022

Welcome back everybody. Here we are in the midst of the post Record Store Day dust still settling. And as our exhausted eyes regain their vision, we can finally see the gleaming gems of the upcoming record releases coming our way in the next few months. Woohoo!

Ash took the brit-rock scene by storm in the mid 90's, when they released their debut studio album, 1977. Containing the singles, Girl From Mars, Kung Fu, Goldfinger, Angel Interceptor, and Oh Yeah; the album reached no.1 in the UK and has since gone on to become a platinum record. Featuring a brand new mix of the album, this marks the first time that 1977 has been re-issued since 1996... hmm, that was a weird sentence. 

Anyway, Ash 1977 will be released on a limited edition black and white splatter vinyl and is available to pre-order HERE.

August will be fundamentally shook when Muse finally release their long-awaited 9th studio album, Will Of The People. Created in Los Angeles and London, Will Of The People is the culmination of the band's anxieties and fears over the state of the world in the last few years as it has endured threats against US democracy, acts of war in Europe, and a global pandemic. As frontman Matt Belmany elaborates, "It has been a worrying and scary time for all of us as the Western empire and the natural world, which have cradled us for so long are genuinely threatened. This album is a personal navigation through those fears and preparation for what comes next.”

Containing the tracks, Kill Or Be Killed, Euphoria, and We Are Fucking Fucked; Will Of The People will be released on indie exclusive red vinyl and is available for pre-order HERE.

Jack White will be taking the proverbial stage later this July when his 5th studio album, Entering Heaven Alive, finally releases. The album was recorded throughout 2021 at White's own Third Man Studio, as well as mastered at Third Man Mastering and pressed at Third Man Pressing. It should probably go without being mentioned that it is being released by Third Man Records... but I went ahead and mentioned it anyway. Oh well. 

The main thing though, is that Entering Heaven Alive will be released on 'detroit denim' coloured vinyl and is available to pre-order HERE.

40 years is a milestone event (or so I'm told: I'm not there myself). At the very least, it is a pretty darn big event when it comes to an iconic album such as Michael Jackson's Thriller. That's right: this november will see the 40th anniversary edition of Thriller, complete with an alternative cover featuring an adorable tiger cub and the King of Pop himself. We can definitely expect more details about this new edition to come out in the next half-year before its release. In the meantime, go on over to our dedicated page HERE and get your pre-order in.

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