News Catch-up 23 October 2020

Author: Alex White  Date Posted:25 October 2020 

News Catch-up 23 October 2020

Hold the presses! Although we had some plans on what to talk about in this installement, we put it on hold for a few days as we just recieved word about an exciting new release from an equally exciting artist.

The phrase "rock legend" gets thrown around quite liberally, but let's face it: if there is one person who truly deserves that titles, then it would be Sir Paul McCartney, ex-Beatle, bass player, and one half of arguably the greatest songwriting duo of the 20th century.

McCartney III. Although technically his 19th solo album, the title refers to the fact that this is the 3rd album written and performed entirely on his own, just like McCartney (1970) and McCartney II (1980) (although both of these did have minor vocal contributions from Linda McCartney). The creation of McCartney III took place during what McCartney has refered to as "rockdown", a period of isolation for Sir Paul as he locked himself away in his home studio in Sussex. The tracks for the album were worked out in the studio and recorded live. McCartney chose to use a wide array of instruments in the recording, some filled with rich history; a double bass used by Bill Black (of Elvis Presley's original backing band); McCartney's own iconic Hofner bass (as seen in original Beatles performances); and a mellotron from Abbey Road Studios that was used on various Beatles albums.

Although not all of the tracks from the album are related to Covid lockdown, McCartney does point out that some songs have "echoes of the pandemic". The optimism in his lyrics was inspired by his own parents who lived through the London bombings of World War 2 yet still came through with a positive spirit. 

With the re-release of Flaming Pie (available here) and the RSD 50th anniversary of McCartney (available here), this year was already shaping up as a good year for McCartney fans. But now with the announcement of McCartney III, this year is even better. We will be selling the album in a standard black vinyl edition, as well as an indie store exclusive white vinyl edition. Both are available for pre-order hereMcCartney III is out in mid-December.

Well, as we said earlier, we did have much more to talk about, but we thought it would be an opportune to discuss the very exciting Paul McCartney announcement. But fear not, we'll be back with another catch-up episode in a few days to make up for it. Until then, keep spinning.


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