News Catch-up 24 July 2020

Author: Alex White  Date Posted:24 July 2020 

News Catch-up 24 July 2020

Hello everyone! We sincerely hope that you are all safe, healthy and doing the right thing(s). Our online store is still going and we are flat-out and masked-up, but we are all busy processing your orders and supplying awesome music for y’all! Although a lot of the world seems to be on pause at the moment, music releases are still in full swing. A lot of delays and push backs, but announcements keep coming, nonetheless. Before we get into it, we just want to take a moment to acknowledge the sad passing of legendary film composer Ennio Morricone. It was a very sad moment when the news came in, with all of us here at the store being massive fans of his music. The following day in the office, we payed tribute to the man by playing a Music On Vinyl compilation of his Spaghetti Western themes, the soundtrack to The Untouchables, and of course, the majestic score to The Mission. The man is gone, but the legacy and discography he leaves behind is monumental. Thank you for all the music, Ennio. We will always spin your records with pride.

Some long-awaited releases have finally come out in the last few weeks. First up is ‘Tin Machine II’ – the second studio album from David Bowie’s late 80’s grunge rock band Tin Machine. Released on silver wax from Music On Vinyl, this has been the first vinyl release for ‘Tin Machine II’ since its original release in 1991. This has been the first time a lot of young Bowie fans (like me) have ever heard this album, and boy howdy, it was a treat. Whilst the first ‘Tin Machine’ album (which has been steadily available on CD and digital over the last thirty years) always maintained a heavy grunge feel; ‘Tin Machine II’ comes off more like a solo Bowie album.  The heavy rock is there, and the guitars grind beautifully and relentlessly. It is an absolute achievement in 90’s rock and we are all so thankful that it is readily available. Rumours of a standard black edition are coming in, but for now, treat yourself to the limited silver vinyl edition available through our web store now.

Another long-awaited (and oft-delayed) release has been Prince’s ‘Rainbow Children’. Now I’ve written about this album a few times in past entries, and the expectation for this re-release has been high. Fortunately, it has not disappointed. We’ve listened to it twice now (incidentally just went on a third time!) since it came in at the start of the week, and it has not failed to bring a smile to all of us in the office…. well, I assume we’re all smiling: it’s hard to tell under the masks. But we’re definitely jiving to it! After all the delays and the waiting, ‘Rainbow Children’ is now in our warehouse and available in all of its double disc, clear vinyl, rainbow slip mat included glory!

And if that wasn’t enough, we have another long-awaited/delayed Prince release: ‘The One Nite Alone Collection’ CD/DVD set. Featuring the studio album ‘One Nite Alone’, the live albums ‘One Nite Alone Live!’ and ‘One Nite Alone The Aftershow’, plus a DVD of the 2003 live concert at The Aladdin in Las Vegas.  This set collects a powerhouse chapter in the illustrious career of the Purple One himself. And the best thing of all: it is sitting in our store as of this very moment and ready for your enjoyment. So, don’t waste a single moment: order yours now!

In terms of brand-new upcoming albums, Kylie Minogue has just announced a new studio album called ‘Disco’. Produced by her long-time collaborator Biff Stannard, ‘Disco’ is due out November this year. Pre-order details have not been released just yet, but you know where you’ll be able to see them when they are. Follow our Facebook page and check in on our website to stay updated.

With so much more stock coming in, we have decided to set up a whole sleuth of bundle deals – multiple albums by the same artist or artists, at a specially marked price. We have many to choose from now. Check out Harry Styles’ self-titled album bundled with ‘Fine Line’, David Bowie’s ‘The Next Day’ bundled with the RSD exclusive ‘Welcome to the Blackout Live in Berlin’, or The Beatles classics ‘Rubber Soul’ and ‘Revolver’. Head on over to our Bundles page to find the one for you.

With a host of news, rumours and announcements coming down the line, you can be assured that we will be back soon to catch you up on all that is happening. In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy your records.

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