News Catch-up 30 August 2021

Author: Alex White  Date Posted:30 August 2021 

News Catch-up 30 August 2021

Welcome back everybody. Here we are in September. Spring has sprung and awesome upcoming music releases have been announced. Strap in, because we've got three massive release campaigns from three absolute giants of rock!

First off, we just want to acknowledge the sad passing of The Rolling Stones drummer, Charlie Watts. His death came as heavy news to us early last week, and judging by the amount of Stones orders that have gone out since then, we know a lot of you feel the same. We made sure to play a nice selection of Stones records in store during the week in our own tribute to the lost great. Thanks for the beats, Charlie Watts.

And with that loss, it makes this next release all the more bittersweet: The Rolling Stones Tattoo You 40th Anniversary Release. The album has been newly remastered and paired up with a brand new record titled Lost & Found. This 2nd record is a collection of nine previously unreleased tracks that were recorded during the period of Tattoo You's release. As well as this 2 LP set, there is also a Super Deluxe box set, which will house 4 CDs containing the new remastered Tattoo YouLost & Found; and Still Life - a live concert recorded at Wembley Stadium in 1982. Along with the CDs, the box set also contains a Picture Disc LP of Tattoo You. Both of these edition are expected to release in late October.

The Rolling Stones Tattoo You / Lost & Found 2 LP Deluxe Edition is available to pre-order HERE.

The Rolling Stones Tattoo You 4 CD / Picture Disc Super Deluxe Edition is available to pre-order HERE

The next big release is sure to please all Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds fans: B-Sides & Rarities 7 LP Box Set. This massive release collects 83 tracks recorded throughout the band's career. The first 56 tracks were originally collected in 2005 as B-Sides & Rarities Part 1 - this will be however, that it will be available on vinyl. The 27 other tracks make up Part 2 and collect tracks from 2006 - 2019. All of them compiled by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. Along with the 7 LPs, the set contains exclusive photographs and sleeve notes written by journalist Sean O'Hagan. 

As well as the 7 LP box set, the 2 parts will also be collected seperately; Part 1 as a 3 CD set and Part 2 as a 2 LP edition. All of them are expected be release late October. 

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds B-Sides & Rarities Part 1 & 2 7 LP box set is available to pre-order HERE

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds B-Sides & Rarities Part 1 3 CD set is available to pre-order HERE

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds B-Sides & Rarities Part 2 2 LP edition is available to pre-order HERE

Finishing off this list of amazing music releases, are the legends of rock themselves: The Beatles. Although the 50th anniversary was missed last year, we are nonetheless getting a proper celebratory release of The Beatles final album (although recorded before Abbey Road): Let It Be.

The main event of these releases is possibly the Super Deluxe 5 CD / Blu Ray Box Set. These discs will contain the new Giles Martin mix of the original album; the 1969 'Glyn Johns' mix (who was the original producer before Phil Spector came on board); an EP of single mixes including the 2021 versions and Glyn Johns originals; as well as 2 discs of rehearsals, outakes and jams from the Get Back studio sessions. The Blu Ray disc will contain a high-res stereo mix as well as a Dolby Atmos and a DTS-HD 5.1 mix. 

There will also be a Super Deluxe 5 LP box set which will contain everything from the CD version sans the surround sound mixes Blu-Ray disc. As well as the Deluxe versions, there will also be a standard single LP release which will feature the new 2021 mix of the album. All of these versions are scheduled to release in mid October and coincide with the release of Peter Jackson's 3-part documentary series, Get Back.

The Beatles Let It Be 5 CD / Blu-Ray Box Set is available for pre-order HERE.

The Beatles Let It Be 5 LP Box Set is available to pre-order HERE

The Beatles Let It Be 2021 Stereo LP is available to pre-order HERE.

Jeez, October is turning out to be a massive month of releases. So much good stuff, we've barely forgotten that we are almost at the final quarter of the year...

Til next time!

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So Many Decisions

By: on 18 September 2021
Lots in this update. Amazing that such huge Beatles and Stones sets are due in the same month! Appreciated your acknowledgement of Charlie's death, too. He seemed to be that rare thing in rock, a musician nobody ever had a bad word about. His love of jazz and his timekeeping for the Stones, his dry sense of humour and his loyalty. Quite a bloke. Thanks Alex.

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