Weekly News Catch-up 29 January 2020

Author: Alex White  Date Posted:29 January 2020 

Weekly News Catch-up 29 January 2020

Almost a full month of the year over, which, whilst that may seem a little scary, it does also mean that there has now been a whole month of record releases to drool over. Yay for upcoming records! So without further ado, let's talk about some awesome upcoming titles and releases.

First up are the 2020 reissues of the Rowland S. Howard albums,'Teenage Snuff Film' and 'Pop Crimes'. Originally released in 1999 and 2009 respectively, these two albums are the best way to showcase the talents and unique post-punk sound of this Melbourne-based artist. Expected at the end of February, these two are available to pre-order now.  

We have some exciting news for audiophiles and fans of Mobile Fidelity releases: the Yes 'Fragile' boxset from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab is expected in early February. [WARNING: NERD SPECIFICATIONS INCOMING!] This amazing set has been pressed at RTI (the legendary Record Technology Inc. plant in California) from the original master tapes using Mobile Fidelity's One-Step process. The discs will be on 180 Gram 45RPM Audiophile SuperVinyl UltraDisc One-Step and are presented in a foil-stamped collector's box, limited (and numbered) to 7500. If those specs went over your head, do not worry! All you need to know is that there has been a lot of effort put into this release and it's going to sound fantastic.

Hardly new but back in stock at the moment is the Speakers Corner edition of 'Toto IV' - bless the rains! These editions are made from the original, analogue mastertapes and are pressed at the Pallas pressing plant in Germany. Anyone who has heard a Pallas pressing knows that they are always a treat to the ears, and what better way to listen to this iconic album from Toto?! Seriously, every track on this record is a hit, an absolute journey of emotion and high-fidelity, culminating in the triumphant and signature anthem, 'Africa'. (We're not saying that it is the greatest song of all time... mainly because we don't have to - look into your heart, you know it to be true). Anyway, 'Toto IV' is available now.

Now, we love our studio albums, but there is nothing wrong with a darn good greatest hits collection. Especially when that greatest hits collection is from the timeless and near-legendary artist, Cat Stevens. That's right, 'Cat Stevens Collected' is right around the corner (early March to be precise). Yet another tasty release from Music On Vinyl, limited to 2000 copies and presented on beautiful purple wax. If you're a Cat Stevens fan, pre-order this now. If you don't know Cat Stevens, or haven't heard him before, do yourself a favour and take a chance on this title. Buy the ticket and take the ride - you won't be dissapointed. And if you're into something just a little less extravagant, the 2017 Music On Vinyl black version is still available on our store now.

Lastly today, we have something for soundtrack fans out there: the original soundtrack to the 1986 'Stand By Me'. Such a fondly remembered film, based on the Stephen King short story, directed by Rob Reiner, and starring baby-faced Wil Wheaton; the soundtrack is filled with period piece tracks such as Buddy Holly's 'Everyday', The Chordettes' 'Lollipop', and of course, Ben E. King's 'Stand By Me'. This soundtack is being re-released on Music On Vinyl (wow, they're really owning it at the moment!) and presented on blue vinyl. Expected March, pre-order now.

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