Weekly News Catch-up 12 February 2020

Author: Alex White  Date Posted:12 February 2020 

Weekly News Catch-up 12 February 2020

Another week has passed, and the new releases are not slowing down. 

A mainstay of 80’s pop, Huey Lewis and the News are back with a new album, their first since 2001. ‘Weather’ was recorded during fractured sessions due to Lewis’ Meniere’s (a progressive deafness in the ear) diagnosis. This also caused cancellations of live shows, which unfortunately is in effect for the foreseeable future. Although hindered by the disease, Lewis shows no stopping in studio recordings, and in fact his lust for performing still shows in the catchy track “While We’re Young.” As Lewis himself said in a press release for the album, “I’m deaf, not dead.” That sense of defiant positivity shines through the record, but judge for yourself when ‘Weather’ releases later this month.

Next up, is a very special treat for Depeche Mode fans. (Raise your hands, I know you’re out there!!!) ‘Mode’ is an 18 CD deluxe edition collecting all 14 studio albums as well as B-sides, bonus tracks and non-album material. Along with the discs, the set includes a 228-page gilt-edged book compiling all song lyrics. The set comes inside a stylish black cube with embossed lettering. Numbered and extremely limited, Depeche Mode ‘Mode’ is in stock with us now, but hurry as supplies are (unsurprisingly) very limited! Although for have some more coming into store soon, bear in mind that when these all go, that will be it. It is unlikely that we will get any more!

Although not new releases, we thought we’d take a moment this week to look back at some recent releases that haven’t had much of a mention in this blog.

Just arrived in our store is the Definitive Edition of Nine Inch Nails’ ‘With_Teeth’. This follows the recent reissues of ‘Broken’ and ‘Fragile’ bearing the hype sticker declaring that it has been remastered “with lots of details attended to that you may never notice but we care about” – a claim that earns respect for its modesty and honesty. Originally released back in 2005, ‘With_Teeth’ was recorded during a tumultuous time for front man Trent Reznor, who was not only battling alcohol and substance abuse, but was also in the midst of a legal conflict with his former manager. With Dave Grohl – of Nirvana and Foo Fighters – on drums, ‘With_Teeth’ remains a favourite amongst Nine Inch Nails fans and is generally applauded as one of their best. The Definitive Edition is now available through our store.  

November (wow, it seems like a lifetime ago) also saw the release of David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ 50thanniversary edition. To celebrate the anniversary of the 2ndLP from Bowie, the entire album has been remixed by his lifelong collaborator Tony Visconti. The product is not merely a new remaster, nor is it subtle. Elements such as rhythm guitar – which had previously been hidden beneath horn sections – are now front and centre. Vocal effects such as echoes are now prominent, especially on the title track itself. Overall it is a clean and clear interpretation of Bowie’s often overlooked (and in my opinion) quite underrated foray into psychedelic folk rock. As a bonus, this version contains the track “Conversation Piece” – a song that was missing from the 40thand 2015 editions. Whilst the album is pressed on black vinyl, there also exist a silver and gold edition. The former being on a specially numbered versions 1 - 1969, and the latter being on versions 1970 – 2019. The catch, however, is that no indication is given on the covers as to what colour the disc is inside, and so we are left with a Willy Wonka-style lucky dip as to what ‘golden ticket’ we receive. In the coming years, silver and gold editions will be highly sought after in the vinyl marketplaces. Collecting aside, fans who simply enjoy darn fine Bowie music will be content with the black variations and are sure to enjoy this new version of ‘Space Oddity’.  

There is still so much more coming our way, so stay tuned. The horizon is bright with reissues and remasters.

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