‘RSD Drops’ will occur on different dates: August 29, September 26 and October 24

The below is a list of titles we may have available for sale - due to the global pandemic online sales will be allowed.

For the first Drop online sales will commence at 1 minute past midnight on 28/29th August.

So you will be able to order online from 00:01 AM on Saturday 29th August.

We suggest you create a wishlist of titles you are looking for (do not use the notify button) - PLEASE NOTE: there is no guarantee we will receive these titles and you can not order or reserve items in advance.  Its first come first served from Saturday morning.  

UK RSD Titles:

click here to view a list of UK RSD Drops.  Many of these are available in Australia, but some are not.  If you are looking for any of these send us a message through our contact page for the titles you are wishing for:


Usual rules apply; no reserves or sales prior, 1 copy of each title per customer.  Note prices subject to variation

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