RSD Drops 1 - Saturday June 12th 8am - instore at our shop at 2A Milne Road, Mont Albert North.  Online from 6pm.


UPDATED: 28th April - Nirvana Japanese RSD LP

UPDATED: 22nd/23rd April late additions

UPDATED: Sunday 11th April 10pm with late additions and Japanese RSD

UPDATED: Friday 9th April 9:30am with European list


The below are all the titles for Drop 1 and Drop 2 for RSD 2021 that we know about at present

- if you don't see what you're looking for check back regularly

There is some duplication between the US and EU lists and different prices for the same title - we recommend you add both of the title listings to your wishes.  We will be seeking the cheapest source where a title is available from multiple locations (pricing is at present provisional)

This year RSD drops are as follows:

- Drop 1 - Saturday 12th June

- Drop 2 - Saturday 17th July

These are not available to order, can not be reserved and we won't know what we're getting until the week before the drop.

To enable us to plan our orders please create a wish list through your account and add any tiitles you hope to pickup to your wish list


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