‘RSD Drops’ will occur on different dates: August 29September 26 and October 24

For the first Drop online sales will commence at 1 minute past midnight on 28/29th August.

So you will be able to order online from 00:01 AM on Saturday 29th August.

We suggest you create a wishlist of titles you are looking for (do not use the notify button) - PLEASE NOTE: there is no guarantee we will receive these titles and you can not order or reserve items in advance.  Its first come first served from Saturday morning. 

We highly recommend reading our RSD Drops Guide in advance. 

Per RSD AU Management - no sales of RSD titles outside Australia.

UK RSD Titles:

click here to view a list of UK RSD Drops.  Many of these are available in Australia, but some are not.  If you are looking for any of these send us a message through our contact page for the titles you are wishing for:

Record Store Day RSD Drops 2020
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