60s Rock Pop


Why do the 60s get their own category? Because this is the decade when pop music exploded, when radio hits morphed into Rock and Roll and thence into Pop; where Rock started to evolve and diversify, and where the foundations were laid for all we know and love in popular music. The currency of pop had been the 7” single, but this was changing rapidly as artists explored what a long-playing album could be. Thank you Beatles, Beach Boys and others!

For those who treasure vinyl albums for their artwork, this was also the time where LP sleeves burst forth in a profusion of energy, colour and ideas, becoming indelibly linked to the music inside the cover. Thank you Sgt. Pepper!

As if all that isn’t enough, many of the artists and albums that lit up the sixties are hugely enjoyable and influential today. Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Doors. Not forgetting the vast pool of great music awaiting re-discovery. Dive in.