Classic Rock

Let’s start by defining those two words.

CLASSIC: A quality product that has stood the test of time and reached a wide audience (Not to be confused with Classical music, which has its own section)

ROCK: You can rock out, rock on, rock ‘n’ roll, or even rock the boat, just as long as you r-o-c-k, ROCK!

This section gathers the big names, the beloved albums, the stadium fillers and the chart toppers. Covering all eras—from Elvis in the 50s, through Jimi Hendrix, to David Bowie’s 80s classics and the evergreen Eagles—and embracing diverse styles (the swagger of Led Zeppelin to the tune-smithery of Elton John) you could call this core curriculum in the College of Rock. Beloved of millions and reaching new audiences still, Classic Rock proves decisively and forever that rock will never die. 

So, now that’s clear, are there ‘essentials’ your collection is missing?

Classic Rock Sub Categories: