Record Store Day RSD 2024 Saturday 20 April 2024 - Guide

WHEN? RSD 2024 will be on Saturday 20th April 2024. Our store in Mont Albert North will be open from 8am to 5pm. Find helpful store map showing genre locations below!

WHAT? For the list of titles we have IN STOCK or confirmed IN TRANSIT click HERE (Hint: use the filter to search the list by artist.) Note that not all titles are in stock; those which are on the list which have not arrived yet will be able to be ordered in store ONLY on Saturday.

HOW MANY? You can find the quantity we have either in stock or confirmed in transit on the individual page for each item. We are still loading these and hope to have this completed later on Friday night. PLEASE NOTE as items start selling on Saturday the quantity will automatically reduce - you do NOT need to refresh your browser to see the reduction.

CAN I PURCHASE RSD TITLES ONLINE? Online sales of any titles leftover will commence from 9am on Monday 22nd April. Some popular titles will have a later online sale time, each title will show when it will go on sale online by Sunday. Note RSD rules will still apply (see below for those.)


Oliva Rodrigo/Noah Kahan 7" we have several copies in stock for Saturday, with more on the way. We expect stock will quickly sell out on Saturday, once that happens you will be able to order the incoming stock in store only on Saturday, then any remaining stock will go on sale on Monday (check the product page for when for this one.)

Fleetwood Mac Rumours in store stock has sold out, we have plenty more on the way. Order in store on Saturday, or check product page on Sunday for Monday's go live time.

Sabrina Carpenter we have no stock for Saturday, and none on the way as yet. Add a notification request on the product page and we will send an email should we manage to obtain any stock.

Bowie Waiting In The Sky store stock has sold out, more on the way. Order in store on Saturday, and any stock left over after the day will be available to order online on Monday. Check the product for the go live time on Sunday.

Chappell Roan we have no stock for Saturday, and none on the way as yet. Add a notification request.

So basically if we have a title in stock or on the way it will show a quantity, if not, it isn't coming (or once sales start we have sold out), add a notification request.

*** For the list of RSD 2024 titles that will be available to buy in store on Saturday 20 April - CLICK HERE ***

Please do not email/phone/message about RSD titles or with any other RSD queries. All we know at present is here. On Saturday we will be flat out and not able to answer queries.

Some older info below, including the full list (NOT the list we have available.) Add a notification request for anything on the full list that we don't have on our available list, and we will try to get it.

We will also post updates on our Instagram and Facebook pages, we also encourage your to sign up for our email newsletters, the link is at the footer of this page - our newsletter will have full details of our Record Store Day 2024 event.

We encourage you to add any titles you are hoping to get to your wishlist on your Discrepancy Records account - this will enable us to gauge demand for titles and plan accordingly. Please note this does not guarantee you a copy (but if it isn't on a wishlist, it won't be ordered, so it's worth doing if you want us to try to get it for the day.)

To add an item to your wishlist you will need to be logged in to your account. Head to the RSD list, find what you want to add, and simply click on the heart if in "gallery mode", or if you are in "list mode" click on the title to go through to the product page and click on the "add to wishlist" button. (If you haven't got an account simply click on the "Account" button at the top of the page, then click on "Create a New Account" and fill out your information.)

All usual RSD rules apply: RSD titles can not be pre-ordered / reserved / sold prior to the day of the event, are limited to 1 copy, of each title, per person, first come first served on the day, and we will not ship RSD titles overseas - any international orders, or orders to freight forwarders, will be cancelled (cancellation fees apply.)

Please note prices are subject to change.

RSD 2024 list and additions (note this is the full list, not what we have confirmed, see top of page for that list):

17/2/24 additions here
18/2/24 additions here
20/2/24 additions here
21/2/24 additions here
23/2/24 additions here

24/2/24 additions here
27/2/24 additions here
28/2/24 additions here
1/3/24 additions here
2/3/24 additions here
3/3/24 additions here
5/3/24 additions here
8/3/24 additions here
14/3/24 additions here - Australia Releases (being added on 14/3/24)
20/3/24 additions here - some titles we missed, including 2 Cat Stevens LPS!
10/4/24 additions here - more titles added!  Including The Beatles 3" Record Player!

Full list here