Growing from roots deep in the rich soils of early Appalachian folk music, English ballads, Irish folk tunes and Mississippi Delta blues, country music (or Country and Western… we’ve got both kinds here at Discrepancy Records) originated in the American South during the 1920s.

Evolving over the decades, country music in the modern world encompasses a variety of styles and sub-genres but is still, at it's core, a soundtrack to the lives of working class Americans and their comrades across the globe: songs about trucks, trains, prison, drinking beer and broken hearts.

Pivotal moments in the evolution of country music include, but are by no means limited to, the birth of Western swing—an amalgamation of early 1920s hillbilly music and jazz—spearheaded by the legendary Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys, and the evolution of the Outlaw movement in the 1970s. The latter involved stars such as Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, who opposed the restrictive systems and commercial control of the Nashville recording industry, bringing a truely authentic do-it-yourself ethic to the songwriting and recording process, thus blazing a trail for generations of musicians to come.


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