Movies and popular music are unarguably the two dominant entertainment forms of the last sixty years, and they come together in Screen & Stage albums. Try this for a statistic: in the UK charts, the recordings of South Pacific and The Sound of Music spent more weeks in the #1 spot than all Beatles records combined. Soundtracks were—and still are—a force to be reckoned with.

That force is strong in the composed scores of John “Star Wars” Williams. It scintillates in ground-breaking hybrids such as The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, while lovers of contemporary electronic music have been swooning over the Stranger Things music. Many artists—from Neil Young to Goblin—have recorded original soundtrack albums that are important additions to their catalogues. And we haven’t even mentioned albums curating and compiling collections of existing tracks. Nor music created for video games. There’s no doubt, soundtracks create fantastic worlds of staggering diversity.

If you have a favourite genre of music—or film, for that matter—the chances are excellent there are soundtracks aplenty to discover and enjoy.

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