Techno House

Techno and House are connected styles of electronic dance music, usually heard in clubs. Both originated in the 1980s and make extensive use of drum machines or samplers for a powerful rhythmic base, over which synthesisers may be layered. In fact the major distinction between the two styles relates to their origins in Illinois (House) or Michigan (Techno).

Musically, Techno tends to be a little faster in its tempos and use more synthesisers. Emerging out of the disco-club scene of the 1970s, House does show more disco influences, yet the distinctions are of little interest to those who simply want to dance their way to Nirvana.

Outside the USA, different regions have created their own variants such as the German techno and hardcore scene of the early 1990s or the more laid back Trance style that appeared in the UK during the early 1990s.

It should be noted that electronic dance music (EDM) has a bewildering array of sub-genres so if that’s your scene, dig around in the Electronic genre and see what you find!

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