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Sometimes referred to as the Queen of Pop, Madonna Louise Ciccone worked hard to get her career off the ground. She studied piano and dance, worked in a donut shop and as a coat-check girl, and hung out in nightclubs to try and get her demos heard. It began to pay off after she landed a record contract and released her first album, Madonna, in July 1983. Yet it was the following year that Ms Ciccone’s career exploded after the single and album Like A Virgin were #1 hits worldwide. The material girl was off and running.

So successful and influential that she has inspired a strand of cultural studies named, not unreasonably, Madonna Studies, the Michigan born daughter of Italian immigrants has had a massive impact on pop music as she explored and exploited fashion, radio, magazines, film clips, music theatre, dance, publishing, erotica, and the internet. No wonder many consider her the archetypal pop star and arguably the most important female artist, ever.

From "Holiday" in 1983 to the 2019 album Madame X, Madonna’s career is a magnificent example of the American way. As writer/journalist Rodrigo Fresán observed, "saying that Madonna is just a pop star is as inappropriate as saying that Coca-Cola is just a soda".