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After their 1992 breakthrough with the single "Creep" (from the 1993 album Pablo Honey), British art-rock explorers Radiohead showed that they were entirely disinterested in ploughing the same furrow over and over. The Bends was a progression, followed by an enormous leap in sophistication and consequent acclaim with 1997’s epochal OK Computer, an album that made a huge impact on rock music at the end of the twentieth century.

The embrace of electronica and 'krautrock' influences heard on OK Computer gathered strength on Kid A. That dark and mesmerising work was followed by a string of albums where the band seemed committed to pushing themselves and their music into new zones. After 2003’s Hail To The Thief, the band took a break so members could pursue individual projects, after which they recorded In Rainbows, the release of which caused consternation for record companies around the world by allowing fans who downloaded it to pay whatever amount they chose.

A restless, questing post-rock band, Radiohead has a legion of fans waiting in expectation for a new release.