The Beach Boys Vinyl LP CDs and Box Sets

The Beach Boys

Singing about cars, girls and surfing, The Beach Boys were the epitome of the Californian idyll. With superb harmonies, catchy choruses and meticulous arrangements by songwriter/leader Brian Wilson, the band captured the adolescent male myth of pretty girls, endless summers, and a surfing culture that knew nothing of dreary jobs, finding rent money, or cars that break down.

The victim of childhood abuse, Brian suffered mental health issues and retreated from live performance into the recording studio where he crafted sonically gorgeous ‘pocket symphonies’ (his term), many of which have become timeless. Something happens when “Good Vibrations” comes on, or when your feet move in response to “I Get Around”, something that is simple, universal and endearingly naive.

Many people will know the Beach Boys classic Pet Sounds LP, but a number of the other sixties albums are strong too, including Friends and Smiley Smile. Of course, the Beach Boys were primarily a singles band, so a compilation will provided end-to-end enjoyment via the many chart hits.