The Rolling Stones Vinyl LP CDs and Box Sets

Starting in 1962 in England, The Rolling Stones - along with other British contemporaries - began a rock legacy that dominated the 60's counterculture. With a blend of blues, rock 'n' roll, and, briefly, psychedelic experimentation, the Stones released international hits such as "Paint It Black" and "Satisfaction" to massive popular acclaim. The incredible sequence of albums Beggar's Banquet / Let It Bleed / Sticky Fingers / Exile On Main Street is almost unmatched in rock.

The 1980s were a mixed bag for fans of Mick, Keith and the  lads, but there are several highlights, including Emotional Rescue and Tatoo You. In the 21st century The Rolling Stones remain one of the biggest names in rock  and continue to influence and inspire the music world. Indulge in one of the greatest bands of all time and discover the music of The Rolling Stones.

Our recommendations: Aftermath, Beggar's Banquet, Exile On Main Street. If the Stones catalogue seems a little daunting, there are many excellent compilations available, including the fabulous multi-LP set HONK and the double LP Hot Rocks.

The Rolling Stones