Ultravox Vinyl LP CDs and Box Sets


Formed in the mid 1970s, Ultravox were fronted by John Foxx and developed a sound that owed something to both art rock acts such as Roxy Music and electronic innovators Kraftwerk. But it was not until Midge Ure joined the band (after Foxx’s departure) that they moved towards an atmospheric electronica and scored a massive hit with the moody, European-inspired "Vienna".

Midge Ure had worked with Ultravox keyboard player Billie Currie in Visage (most famous for the single "Fade To Grey") followed by, rather surprisingly, a stint in Thin Lizzy before Currie convinced the singer to join, and help re-form, Ultravox. The first album with the new lineup was Vienna, which only achieved success after the release of the title track as a single. Aided by a beautifully shot film clip, the single propelled the LP high into the charts and assured the band of a successful career for years to come.