News Catch-up: Beatles For Sale!!!

Author: Alex White  Date Posted:27 October 2023 

News Catch-up: Beatles For Sale!!!

As a great man once said:

"I read the news today, oh boy..."

The Beatles are making a return to our shelves this year (as if they ever really left) with a never-before-heard song.

Now And Then was a track that John Lennon was working on prior to his untimely death. In 1994, John's widow, Yoko, presented a cassette with the demo to the fellow Beatles. It was their intention to record new elements for the song and release it, along with Free As A Bird and Real Love on the Anthology albums. However, due to the poor quality of the original demo, Now And Then was deemed unfit for release... until now.

With the help of AI technology (used by Peter Jackson for his Get Back docu series), Lennon's original vocal and piano tracks were cleaned up to the highest quality possible. Produced by Giles Martin and including elements from the Anthology sessions including George Harrison’s guitar parts, vocal and instrumental parts recorded by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr in 2022, along with a new arrangement for strings; Now And Then is now ready for all of us to enjoy on our turntables. And fortunately, we are being presented with numerous versions to choose from.

Now And Then will be released on vinyl  as both a 12'' and a 7'' single. Both versions will contain a brand new mix of Love Me Do as the B-side - this is, of course, the 1962 single version of Love Me Do, and not the album version from the Please Please Me LP.

Now And Then 12'' vinyl single is available to pre-order HERE.

Now And Then 7'' vinyl single is. available to pre-order HERE.

And as if that isn't enough...

Both the Red and Blue albums (the original Beatles greatest hits albums) are getting expanded re-releases - with additional tracks, brand new 2022/2023 mixes, and all half-speed mastered.

The Red Album 1962 - 1966 includes 12 new tracks (many of which are George Harrison songs) and contains new sleeve notes by journalist and author John Harris. 

The Blue Album 1967 - 1970  contains 9 new tracks including the brand new Now And Then, and also contains new sleeve notes by journalist and author John Harris. 

The Beatles Red Album 1962 - 1966 3 LP is available to pre-order HERE.

The Beatles Blue Album 1967 - 1970 3 LP is available to pre-order HERE. 

There is also a special box set available, containing both albums in an exclusive slipcase, which you can pre-order HERE

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