From drifting ambient excursions to techno/dance tornados, from melodious soundtracks to thumping synth beats, this is a growing and ever-changing genre.

Beginning with laboratory experiments with oscillators and other bits of electrical circuitry, the road to modern synthesisers that can create everything from thunder to Theremin has been a long and winding one indeed. In fact, the world of electronic music is one of almost magical evolution that manages to embrace composed, experimental, and popular music.

Here you’ll find albums by master knob-twiddlers from every post-war decade, spanning mind-boggling squeaks and squeals (visit the 1956 soundtrack to Forbidden Planet, if you dare!) to gorgeous 21st Century electronica from the likes of Boards of Canada. You’ll discover classic Tangerine Dream (and other German innovators) as well as danceable electronica from Daft Punk. Throw the switch and enter the multi-hued world of synthesised music.