Mark Knopfler Vinyl LP CDs and Box Sets

Most people would know Mark Knopfler as the singer/guitarist and songwriter for Dire Straits. Fewer would be aware that the Scottish born, Newcastle raised Knopfler has a substantial solo career that includes nine studio albums and a further nine film soundtracks. Add in collaborations with Chet Atkins, Emmylou Harris and The Notting Hillbillies and you have an abundance of riches to explore. In fact, his non-Dire Straits output far exceeds the six studio albums produced by that famous band.

Knopfler’s evocative, world weary voice and mastery of many different guitar styles are the connecting line through all his music, with country, bluegrass, Celtic, and folk influences all in the mix. As for the songs themselves, the songwriter is a skilled and evocative storyteller who paints lyrical pictures of life’s journey.

Mark Knopfler