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Born into a family of musical siblings, Michael Jackson spent almost all his life in the very public domain of music creation and performance. Beginning with the Jackson 5 when he was just four years old, young Michael soon became the lead singer and focus of the group. The Jackson 5 had success in the 1960s, as did Michael with the solo hits "Rockin’ Robin" and "Ben". The 1970s saw the group’s popularity subside, though a recovery began after a rebranding as the Jacksons.

Michael’s solo career really took off with Off The Wall in 1979, which saw him stepping out as an adult performer. Then, in 1982, came Thriller. With estimated world wide sales of 70 million, it was a game changer that brought unprecedented success to the performer. But Michael Jackson was not a well person, struggling with a number of health issues. He died of heart failure in June 2009, with legal issues and controversy continuing long after his death.

Jackson’s legacy as a singer, dancer and live performer is indisputable. His originality, development of dance/video in rock and sheer artistic ambition earned him the title 'King of Pop'. It would be a brave critic who suggested that appellation was an exaggeration.


Michael Jackson